LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A man in Michigan has found his way to finish the ride.

Back in 2014 while riding his bike, he was hit by a semitruck. He decided to amputate his left leg two years later.

Now, and with the help of some local prosthesis, he was able to overcome so much.

Ben Barefoot decided to complete the 6 mile path he started on that lifechanging day.

This past July on the same day of his six year anniversary as an amputee, him and his prosthesis started “Finish the Run,” so that Ben could finish out the ride that led to his injury.

According to the amputee coalition, 2.1 million people are living with limb loss in America. While some think of it as a disadvantage, Ben Barefoot doesn’t see it that way.

“I don’t want peoples disabilities to outweigh what can be their ability,” Ben said.

Fast forward to now, he gets to do something he cares about the most, but the journey to get back there was a long one.

“Eight years ago, I was riding my bicycle to work down in Indiana, and I was ran over by a semi,” Ben said.

He suffered from unemployment and depression for many years, and even had to move back in with his parents. He spent two years trying to save his shattered leg, and endured 15 surgeries.

“Unsuccessfully fixing it, I talked to my orthopedic surgent down in Indiana about amputation. Knowing where prosthesis have came, its gotta be a better life than I was walking with my messed up leg,” Ben said.

Ben finished the ride this past July where the accident took place. This year was meaningful in many ways.

“Especially doing it on the anniversary of my accident,” Ben said.

In 2018 he met Scott who is also an amputee. He owns 50% of Bremer Prosthetics in Saginaw and East Lansing, and helps people like Ben and himself reach their athletic goals.

“I know that when we started working with him prosthetically, he started to make significant gains and he’s a very motivated individual”, said Scott. “He’s eager to do things, and he obviously follows through with the things that he sets out to do.”

Though he’s part of the amputee community, Ben has advice that everyone can take.

“You will stumble, but that just makes you tougher. If you fall, get back up and try again. If you never start, you can never finish,” Ben said.

Ben’s new goal is to complete a 5K run, but is working to raise funds to pay for a prosthetic running leg.

If youu would like to donate to help him achieve this goal, click the link here to donate to his GoFundMe.