LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – After people lost hundreds some even thousands of dollars after a bad deal with a tree service, one man is working to help make a situation that went so wrong right again.

“I don’t even want him to do the work. I just want my $1300 back,” Shontia Robinson said.

The person she is referring to is JD Earl Gibson, a man who promised to remove trees from Shontia Robinson’s yard, but after Gibson got the down payment he never came back to do the work.

Gibson told 6 News that he’s not that kind of guy.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to try to screw you in any way or try to make you upset and I plan on making it right 100%,” Gibson said

After we aired our original story 6 News heard from a lot of people that Gibson told them the same thing, but never made it right.

Now one man says he will.

Jim Meyers is the owner of Midwest Tree Service. He called 6 News after seeing our stories about Gibson and said he wanted to help.

“As I laid in a hospital bed. I thought how could I make a difference in the world and this is how,” Meyers said.

For Meyers this is personal. He tested positive for COVID-19 back in November and said it almost killed him. As he fought for his life, he made a vow that when he got better he would do a good deed for someone else.

“We’re gonna take this cherry tree out for her free of charge and then trim the other one behind,” He said.

Meyers didn’t stop there, he went to Keli Bashore Kebler’s home who said Gibson took more than $6,000 from her. Meyers also agreed to do her tree work for free. Both women say they are more than thankful.

“I definitely appreciate it because this has been very stressful,” Robinson said

“Grateful and overwhelmed. When you see so much bad and you see the good, It brings out the good feelings in you again,” Bashore Kebler said.