Many potential flood victims are heeding the warning and evacuating


Hundreds of Lansing residents were asked to evacuate, and many did just that.

Jane West’s home of more than 30 years hasn’t looked like this since she moved in. Her belongings are in mounds that’ll soon make their way out and away from a potential watery mess.

“We started at 6 am this morning, plus we worked for a few hours yesterday. My big thing is to just get out of here.”

It’s a mindset found across many low-lying areas along the swollen Red Cedar and Grand Rivers. Hundreds of people were packing up and taking off. Labrayon Crump was on his second car load by 10 in the morning after deciding to evacuate after seeing flood waters continuing to creep up his street.

“I’m just absolutely astonished at the things that are happening. I’ve never evacuated before, it’s all new to us and we’re taking as much precaution as we can to get out of here as quick as we can.”

Lansing emergency managers say they believe up to nine areas of Lansing could flood, incorporating up to 500 homes. Those taking off say, they’re having a tough time trying to determine what stays and what goes.

“Everything that’s important,” says Crump. “All the paperwork, valuables, pictures and stuff like that. Then we got our electronics and pretty much whatever we can fit into the van.”

City officials say they’re pleased to see people taking their advice and getting to safety, something West says is a must.

“This is nothing to mess with. If they are telling you to get out, you got to listen to them.”

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