March of Dimes ambassador family prove life-saving progress is being made


2-year old Noah Young has come a long way since the moment mommy delivered him.

He was born August 16, 2015, nearly 11 weeks too early, weighing-in at just 2 pounds, 6 ounces. It was a critical time Krista Young is thankful she no longer has to worry about.

She was 28 weeks into her pregnancy when she was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia. It’s a pregnancy complication causing a rise in blood pressure that can impair kidney and liver function, cause blood clots, and seizures. If left untreated, brain injury and even maternal or infant death can occur. This was a wild turn of events for Krista when thinking her visit was going to be a simple check-up after dealing with what she thought were common pregnancy complications.

“I had very high blood pressure and it was at a dangerous level and everything happened very quickly.” said Krista. “They were like, we are probably going to have to deliver the baby within the next 24 hours and we were like, wow, you know… we’re not ready for that at all.”

Ready or not, Noah needed to arrive. He was quickly whisked away once born, a moment Keith Young will never forget.

“His skin is so frail and you see him come out of being delivered and he looks purple, he looks like not the normal skin color of a normal baby. Then having all the wires and monitors, breathing tubes… and it really makes you think, is he going to make it?”

A tough question to ask and one no parent should need to ponder. Krista says no matter what she had heard, seen, or was warned about — it never becomes real until it’s happening right before your eyes.

“I don’t think you understand until you are in the NICU, your baby is in the isolete, and you can’t take your baby home.”

Despite the challenge, Noah, mom, and dad and the team of health professionals at Sparrow Hospital got to work. Day after day Noah got healthier, stronger and he began to breathe on his own. Progress made possible through the many advances the March of Dimes has helped foster, and then, at exactly 100 days from delivery and weighing a healthy 7 1/2 pounds – Krista and Keith were told Noah could go home.

“They had taken him off all of the monitors and I’m like, are you sure this is this ok??” said Krista. “Then they said, you can take him home today, and I was like, are you sure? (ha ha) It was such a surreal thing.”

“We made it through and he’s healthy,” Keith said. “He’s playing, he’s talking. I’m already throwing him baseballs and doing all the dad things and really enjoying every moment.”

Success sometimes dissipates distress because Krista is pregnant again. Through tips stemming from March of Dimes research, she’s healthy and has reached a moment of bliss many moms may laugh at.

“It’s been so cool to experience the third trimester, which a lot of women would probably not say,(ha ha) but it’s been just so cool.”

So, very soon Noah will be a big brother, a title mom and dad will surely appreciate calling him.

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