LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — City of Lansing officials are warning residents to beware of a new phone call scam.

According to a post on the city’s Facebook, two separate fraud incidents have occurred in the city. In each case, the caller claimed to represent the courts and told the individuals called they’d missed a federal court date. In order for the person to avoid arrest, the caller requests they meet for a cash bond.

A court or a bond agency is identified as the proper place to meet with the caller in order for the fraud targets to pay their bond. The cash bond is taken, a fake receipt is given and the suspect leaves.

The Facebook post alleges the fraudsters keep the target on the phone until the cash bond is delivered. The call does appear to originate from an Ingham County Sheriff’s Department number, but officials said in the post the number is spoofed.

Officials remind citizens bonds are not accepted in this manner. If they receive a call with this scam, they are encouraged to hang up and call local law enforcement. Anyone who lives in Mason who may have fallen prey to the fraudsters is encouraged to call the city.