MASON, Mich. (WLNS) – Three car thefts and three car break-ins occurred over the weekend in Mason. All in the same apartment complex.

Three victims at Beacon Lake Apartments woke up Sunday morning to a nightmare. Their cars were missing. When they called the police, they say they were told they were busy and no one would come out to the crime scene, so one of those victims took matters into his own hands.

“My car has been here, it always felt safe. Always felt like I never had to watch over it. So then when I got done there and I was told my car was gone. It was mostly just like… is this real? Is this really going on right now?” said Todd McMillan owner of a stolen car.

McMillan and his sister were two of three victims who had their cars stolen on Sunday. The other was their neighbor.

“She told me my car wasn’t there so I ran outside and sure enough it was gone,” said resident Brendan Hatfield.

After the neighbors realized their cars were gone, they immediately called the police but say no one ever came out to see them.

“I didn’t get a response after calling multiple times. I called the MSP, the Michigan State Police. I called the Mason police department. I called the sheriff’s office, left voice mails for them. We went down there and no one was there,” said Todd’s sister, Logan McMillan.

But after waiting with little to no response from the police, one neighbor took matters into his own hands. Using the Buick app he was able to locate his missing car

“It gave me the live location of where the vehicle was at and we jumped in the car, drove all the way down to Lansing and the vehicle was right there, and that’s when we called the police and picked it up,” Hatfield said.

When they found the car it was abandoned with some minor damage on the outside. The owner says the car was trashed and to their surprise, the thief forgot to clear his Bluetooth – leaving his name behind.

Although he found his car, the owner thinks things would be different if the police were in his shoes.

“I know for a fact I mean you know if it would have been their car… I know they would be on it in a heartbeat,” Hatfield said.

Only one vehicle has yet to be found: a 2022 White Honda CRV EX-L with plate #EHB 6840. If you have any information please call the Mason Police Department.