MASON, Mich. (WLNS)- Some Mcdonald’s workers in Mason have settled a sexual harassment claim for millions of dollars. While the franchise is paying up, they want the whole company to be put on notice.

More than 50 former workers from a Mason McDonald’s came forward in a class action lawsuit back in December of last year.

The suit was originally filed by one woman in 2019 after she claimed she was being sexually harassed by a store manager.

She spoke with 6 News, and we want to warn you some of the language used in this story may be hard to hear.

Jenna Reis worked at the McDonald’s on Cedar Street in Mason for three years. An experience she describes as “terrible.”

“[We were] always made to feel uncomfortable. Never know when it’s gonna be a good day or a bad day, when you’re gonna get touched. When somebodies gonna say something disrespectful to you. It’s horrible,” Reis said.

Reis says she was constantly groped and called inappropriate names. She also says it’s too hard for her to go in detail, so instead, she allows her attorney to speak for her.

“The perpetrator would say things to them like “I’m not going to bother you until you turn 18, but I wanna know when you turn 18,” her lawyer told 6 News.

Another woman says the manager told her she couldn’t leave until she performed a sex act on him. Under the settlement, dozens of women will get an average of $10,000.

But, it’s not just happening here. Back in 2018, thousands of McDonald’s workers across the nation protested the company’s culture of harassment when they walked off the job.

Ten women then filed charges of discrimination. Reis and her lawyer say that’s where change needs to happen.

“What we think will make a real difference is if McDonald’s makes changes from the top,” Reis’ lawyer said.

Reis’s work isn’t done, she volunteers with groups like”Fight for 15″ and “Times Up” to help victims like her come forward.

In April of last year, McDonald’s announced it would start requiring franchisees to meet the “Global brand Standards” that would ensure they take claims more seriously.

As for the store in Mason, it has been sold to new owners.