Massive marijuana facility opens up about the business


With the recent struggles of getting provisioning center licenses, the Skymint growing facilities seem too good to be true.

Jeff Radaway is the CEO of Green Peak, which is the holding company of Skymint, which is their brand. He says with their resources, his goals are to be one of the top names in the country.

“We’re really seeking to be the premier cannabis companies in the state and ultimiately top in the country,” said Radaway.

Many dispensaries are having trouble getting licensed to sell recreational and even medical. Radaway says that he understands why the state is so harsh when it comes to approving businesses for licenses and approving too many people makes the system “sloppy.”

“When product is over supplied, it gets dangerous, right. Quality is cut, supply is sold out the back door, it crosses state lines, we’re still a federally illegal industry,” said Radaway.

Skymint plans on opening 19 provisioning centers across the state.

The company is also hoping to get approved for a recreational license to start growing more plants to sell to the public.

The company bought 28 acres across the street from the facility for solar panels for the business. They currently have 27 rooms in one of their buildings and is the second largest facility in Lansing behind General Motors. They also plan to hire 400 employees.

By the end of the start up year, they hope to produce a little less than 30,000 pounds of pot and will harvest their first batch this month.

We will also have a behind the scenes tour video for you this weekend and a deeper look into the facilities.

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