LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Many people in Lansing are struggling to find affordable housing as homeless shelters are full and apartments have wait lists that last months.

The mayor says the city is looking to work with lawmakers to create more housing and possibly a new shelter.

The mayor says the city has a wide variety of services to find housing, food, and work for the homeless. He also says they’re looking to add more mental health resources

“The resources there are not like they were twenty to thirty years ago. CMH Community Health is inundated so we are working on that with the state to see if we can add more behavioral health options,” said Mayor Andy Schor.
This winter Lansing received backlash for not having a 24-hour heating center. Schor says the city doesn’t have the millions it would take to build one, but he says he is working with the state and federal governments to get one.

“We have put in a request for funding to Congresswoman Slotkin and Senator Peters and Senator Stabenow for some of their community recourses. We put in a request for funding with our state legislator,” said Schor.

Homeless advocates say the problem is when shelters try to find long-term housing for people, they have nowhere to put them. But Schor says the city is working with companies to add more affordable housing.

The city says they will continue to address the housing issues in Lansing and make any changes necessary to provide safe and affordable housing for all residents.