LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Two members of Michigan’s Republican delegation to Congress are responding to the ouster of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

Michigan Congressman Tim Walberg spent his Tuesday in the house chambers as part of the votes to oust the speaker of the house, Kevin McCarthy.

When Six News spoke to him earlier today, the Tipton Republican called the entire process “an absurdity” that was started by “bitter republicans”.

“We’ll see what happens,” Walberg said. “But it’s a shame that we’re wasting time on this when we could be spending all of our time, which we’re still doing, we’re spending the time on moving bills forward. But this is…this is going to cause a problem”

Joining Walberg in opposing the ouster vote Tuesday afternoon was Congressman John Moolenaar, a Midland Republican. He said in a statement McCarthy’s ouster was “not conservative.”

The move, he said, “paralyzes the House of Representatives and allows Biden and the Democrats to enact their agenda with no pushback.”