LANSING, Mich (WLNS) — A Michigan company, fairly new to the food delivery​ scene, is also helping deliver smiles to people who don’t have a home right now.

Menu Bubble was formed in 2018. It’s a healthy meal-prep company that brings professionally made meals to people in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Flint, Ann Arbor, and more.

Menu Bubble CEO Malik Jackson tells 6 News the company focuses on healthy, quality ingredients at a lower​ cost. And despite being a newer company, Menu Bubble also has a pay-it-forward program that matches donations from customers and others and delivers meals to people living on the streets.

“It took a while to explain it and also just doing it after a while, they just got used to it and just comfortable with it to the point where they would actually recommend us other people that they know in the community that might need a meal. And so they, like we handed one guy like three meals and he was like, oh yea, down the street if you take a left, there’s actually other people in need of meals as well. So we’ve actually gotten really close with some of the people,” said Jackson.

So far, Jackson says Menu Bubble has delivered up to 200 free meals to people in need, many in the greater-Lansing area.