Medical marijuana business conference sheds light on growing industry


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Medical marijuana…a hot topic for quite some time. Some people say they’re against the cannabis industry for many reasons, including the stigma of dispensaries and others try to shed a positive light on the growing business.

That’s exactly what the medical marijuana business conference here in Lansing aimed to do today.

“See that it’s normal, see that it’s not scary and become part of the new cannabis economy,” said Medical Marijuana Conference Host Rick Thompson.

In just over two weeks, three new laws will go into effect in Michigan to regulate medical marijuana. Because of that, the conference served as an educational space for aspiring medical marijuana entrepreneurs.

“They need to be an example for the industry, they need to follow the rules no matter how erroneous they are and they need to make sure that they are real corporate citizens in their community,” State Representative Jeff Irwin stated.

Nearly a hundred people showed up today, including guest speaker Anqunette Jamison who’s become an advocate for the medicinal plant.

Jamison says she feels strongly about the booming business because of her battle with Multiple Sclerosis and says cannabis helps her take on the daily fight.

“It changed everything. People are falling through the cracks and there are so many people that are living their lives in pain and discomfort,” Jamison said.

Although it’s been an ongoing debate in our state for years many say, including Thompson, that more awareness of cannabis could combat any confusion hoping this conference will leave people with an open mind.

“The community itself has to embrace it as well…everyone benefits…schools, roads, the entire infrastructure is made better by small business jobs and that’s what we’re hoping to bring to Michigan,” Thompson added.

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