Melissa Mitin sentenced to 27 and a half year minimum


LANSING, MICH. (WLNS) – “I’m very, very sorry for everything,” said Melissa Mitin, before Judge James Jamo sentenced her to decades in prison Wednesday morning.

One final apology from the woman who killed her newborn baby girl back in 2013. This comes after a plea deal-one much better than what her attorney says she could have faced at trial.

“If she had been convicted of first degree murder…it would’ve been natural life. Life without the possibility of parole,” explained Frank Reynolds, her lawyer.

In the circuit courtroom Reynolds emphasized the 26-year-old’s peaceful past.

“She’s got no prior record, no juvenile record. She’s a high school graduate… She’s been active in her church for her whole life,” said Reynolds.

Judge Jamo said he doesn’t know what prison rehabilitation would do for Mitin, and he doesn’t know what the proper sentence should be-especially since he can’t understand her actions.

“It’s not rational to me, it’s not understandable. I can’t really place it in a way that helps get me as to what is appropriate for your sentence,” the judge said.

Today’s hearing follows Mitin’s plea in March, when she admitted to suffocating her infant girl.

Reynolds: “And did you block that baby’s airways so it couldn’t breathe?”

Mitin: “Yes.”

Reynolds: “Did that result in the death of that baby?”

Mitin: “Yes.”

Prosecutors believe Mitin also killed her second infant, but still don’t know where the boy is.

Although the children’s father wasn’t in court, prosecutor Jonathan Roth spoke on his behalf saying the father is distraught “…by the betrayal of the defendant twice and by the murder of his two children.”

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