Meridian Magnesium explosion felt for miles around


We now know the massive fire and explosion at Meridian Magnesium in Eaton Rapids on Wednesday morning was felt as far as 30 miles away.

Seismology staff at MSU matched movement from a seismology station located in Perry, Michigan with social media reports of an explosion shortly after 2 a.m. and discovered there was a powerful disruption.

Daniel Burk, an engineer with the seismic laboratory at MSU says the explosion was impressive, but relatively small in terms of magnitude. He says the movement was not measured on a Richter scale, but was instead measured as a surface wave magnitude called MS, with a reading of 1.7.

Burk believes the time of day made a difference, in fact, he believes if it happened at 2 in the afternoon, normal daytime noise and traffic would have likely masked the blast.

Despite a very powerful blast, likely caused due to magnesium reacting to heat and fire, chemists at MSU do not believe there will be any hazardous outcomes regarding air, water, or land.

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