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Meridian Magnesium explosion sparks nationwide impact


EATON RAPIDS, Mich. (WLNS) – The explosion at Meridian Magnesium isn’t only affecting jobs here in Mid-Michigan; it’s also impacting Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant workers across the country.

Meridian Magnesium employees met with management this morning for an update on their job status.

Some employees thought it went well and some still feel in the dark about where their jobs stand.

Meridian Magnesium management says in spite of all of the chaos, their main concern is putting their employees first.

“They want to try to keep their work force intact for as long as possible for what they’re facing,” said Meridian Magnesium employee Clinton Bowser.

Bowser has worked at Meridian Magnesium for seven years. He says the company is doing a great job at coming up with options for their employees.

One of these options is giving them the chance to volunteer in the community and get paid for their work.

“That’s a huge step for Meridian to come up with those plans for its employees to ensure that we continue to prosper,” said Bowser.

But thousands of Ford Motor Company workers are out of work from the explosion, too.

Assembly plants in both Dearborn and Kansas City shut down this week because of a parts shortage for F-150 and Super Duty trucks.

Super Duty production is also down at a plant in Kentucky.

Ford sent a statement to 6 News today saying, “This effort represents Ford at its best. Thanks to the work we’re doing with suppliers…we are confident that any impacts will be short term.”

Bowser says despite everything, he has hope that he’ll have his job back soon.   

“When they call me back to work, I’m going back to work,” said Bowser.

The Detroit News is also reporting that the explosion is slowing down production with GM, Chrysler, BMW, and Mercedes Benz.

Meridian Magnesium management says they will hold weekly meetings with their employees until everything is back to normal.

Ford Motor Company says even though they’re losing production, they have 84 days’ supply of the trucks, which should keep sales up.

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