LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Organizers call the new PAC the north star for the America First movement.

Leaders of the “Grand New Party” say they want to support like-minded candidates get to the State House, county commission boards and school boards.

State Rep. Steve Carra from Three Rivers announced the start of what’s being called the Grand New Party.

He says there is a centralization of power in the state capitol and he called the Republican Party stale, too passive and too timid.

Carra says moving ahead, he plans the new committee to lead that change. He pointed to Florida governor Ron DeSantis’ election win as a model for the road ahead.

“The Republican party needs to change. It needs to be stronger. It needs to be and it needs to change our tactics. If we are going to be viable in the Republican Party, we need to do it within the Republican Party. We need to do it by standing on the Republican Party platform and the convictions of people in our community,” Carra said.

The committee has already called out other conservative groups, namely Right to Life Michigan through a video posted on their Facebook page.

Grand New Party leaders criticized Right to Life’s handling of Prop. 3 opposition efforts.

Prop. 3 passed last week and amends the Michigan constitution to enshrine abortion and other reproductive healthcare rights.