The decision of who will be the speaker of the U.S. House has proven to be the most contentious vote in a hundred years as several republicans have voted down GOP leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

Before representatives can get to work on legislation, a speaker of the house has to be voted in.
The last time this was decided through multiple votes was back in 1923.

McCarthy said he met with Republican holdouts to try and get their vote. In the first round of voting this afternoon, 19 Republicans voted again McCarthy. He failed to secure enough votes to meet the threshold for the Speaker of the House for the third time on Tuesday.

Aaron Kall with the University of Michigan said this sets the stage for a new session for the House that will likely face not only gridlock between the parties but also between members of the GOP.

“Most of the members of the house support McCarthy, but because the margin is so small he can only afford to lose four votes. This is mostly House Freedom Caucus, these very conservative Republicans are dead set against him because they believe he’s not conservative enough. They feel like he capitulated to Democrats on some of the spending legislation, most recently the end-of-the-year omnibus spending bill. And they are using their leverage and power to get a candidate that’s more conservative,” said Kall.

The next attempt to choose a speaker is at noon on Wednesday.