LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Konkoly boys are a father and son duo that is continuing the tradition of playing music as a family.

But their world was put on hold when the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the nation. They feared the one thing they loved was being taken away from them but that never stopped them from practicing.

“To be quite honest it really put a huge hole in our music playing. Most of it we did was play at home sit around, sit on the couch, grab the guitars give it a couple strums maybe hum a tune and wait it out for the opportunity to get back on stage,” said Joe Konkoly.

As COVID-19 restrictions lifted, the duo was glad to get back to what they loved and started playing at a VFW hall in Edmore on the first Friday of every month.

Monday was a dream come true: they got to play at the block party celebrating Elderly Instruments, which celebrated 50 years in business.

“I just wanted to take that experience from up north with family and marry it to this experience here with Elderly Instruments, which is the whole community of musicians that I know down here and merge that together, which we just got to do on stage a bucket list for me and a great thrill,” said Joe

The tradition of playing as a family was passed down by his father-in-law, who also traveled the state playing music together. The two say it’s dream come true getting to play together a tradition he hopes is passed down from generation to generation.

“I can’t really express it t,here is nothing better than playing with family… It is the perfect thing to marry family and music and for me to get to play music with this guy and sing with him,” Joe said.