MI GOP launches ballot petition with major pushback


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan Republicans leading the Secure MI Vote ballot petition have six months to collect at least 340,000 voter signatures.

“The proposals that we’re making I think are both common sense and will restore that confidence ,” Jamie Roe, Spokesman for Secure MI Vote.

Under state law, once they get those signatures the legislature can pass the initiative without the governor’s signature or a public vote. It’s not the first time a measure like this has been used.

July of this year, Unlock Michigan had its petition passed by the Republican-controlled legislature, repealing the emergency powers law used by Governor Whitmer at the start of the pandemic.

“Michigan is unique I think there’s one other state that allows initiative initiatives that are not sent to the ballot to be approved by the legislature without the governors support,” Matt Grossmann, MSU Political Science Professor

This ballot petition focuses on changing election laws.

“Require people when they’re applying for their absentee ballot to put their driver’s license number on the ballot application,” Jamie Roe, Spokesman for Secure MI Vote.

But the petition is getting some push back from the group Voters Not Politicians.

“It’s so anti-democratic. As a voter I… you know… we feel like we need to fight back with every single tool that we have,” Nancy Wang, Voters Not Politicians Executive Director. 

The spokesman for the petition came to its defense saying its all legal.

“Exercising our constitutional rights guaranteed to us by the Michigan constitution,” Jamie Roe, Spokesman for Secure MI Vote.

Whether the petition will garner enough signatures is yet to be known, but the question remains:

Will there be more initiatives like this… In the future?

“If you’re the party in control of the legislature, but not the governor’s office, it is a very tempting way to try to pass new laws,” Matt Grossmann, MSU Political Science Professor.

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