LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Instead of guzzling down your beer before a college football game, you might be able to go inside the stadium, buy it, and enjoy it right in the stands.

State Representative Graham Filler is one of the lawmakers that introduced legislation to make this a reality, and he said it’s long overdue.

“I just feel like this is modernizing and making Michigan and Michigan college sports better,” Filler said.

Filler says he hopes to put a stop to pregame binge drinking and improve the college game day experience.

“We feel like this package will cut into that where folks don’t have to hammer drinks pregame they can just go and have a nice time and go have a couple beers at the game,” Representative Filler said.

Eight of the 14 Big Ten schools allow the sale of alcohol. 6 News spoke with MSU Athletic Director Alan Haller last month and he said he’s on board with it, and that his goal is to make it a safer environment while also adding an amenity for fans.

Karen Larkin is a Spartan football fan and said it’s a great idea.

“You can buy alcohol at professional games, you can buy beer at the Lugnuts. I don’t see what the difference is between a professional game, a Lugnuts, or a college stadium,” Larkin said.

While MSU professor Jennifer Rivera said it’s not safe.

“The minute we overturn that and it’s gonna make it okay and acceptable I think we’re gonna see a lot more safety incidents occurring whether they be alcohol poisoning or just abusive alcohol,” Rivera said.

And as for Representative Filler, he said people deserve this change.

“They like alcohol. They like being around sporting events. Why not do it in a safe legal manner instead of a government policy that has driven people to binge drink before games or to sneak alcohol in,” Filler said.

In the meantime, the bills have been referred to the house and senate regulatory reform committees.