Michigan Adoptions Could Be Denied Based On Faith


(WLNS) – In the heated debate between religious freedoms, diversity and equality lands this issue, adoption from faith-based organizations.

House bill 4188-4190 would allow for adoptions to be denied based on faith.

“In Michigan we have 3,000 children that are up for adoption, they are available for adoption but they have not been able to find placements,” said state representative Marcia Hovey-Wright (d), 92nd district.

Representative Marcie Hovey-Wright says the bill would allow for non-traditional couples to be discriminated against, while limiting the opportunities for children in foster care.

“It seems to me that we should not be closing off options with – by limiting or allowing the agencies – or faith base agencies to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples,” said state representative Hovey-Wright.

David Maluchnik of the Michigan Catholic Conference says discrimination is not the goal. He says it’s all about protecting religious choices.

“The bill would not prohibit any adoption to any classifications of persons, we want to put kids first and that means putting kids into forever families,” said David Maluchnik, Michigan Catholic Conference.

Maluchnik says this legislation has been practiced for years

“This legislation will not do anything new. It will simply put into law what has been practiced for the past 50 years,” said Maluchnik.

Next up the bill will go to the house.

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