LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Criticisms are mounting against a doctor’s practices in Lansing and Grand Rapids, following a story first reported by the New York Times.

Multiple patients alleged Dr. Jihad Mustapha has done more harm than good in his work by excessively performing procedures.

This includes Cheryl McAdams, who was looking for a different opinion, all to help save her leg.

“I had decided to switch vascular doctors and I had a friend from school that was going to one in Grand Rapids, and he gave me Dr. Mustapha’s name,” McAdams said.

From what she heard, Mustapha was the best.

“I tried to do my homework before I went to him,” she said. “And everything that I found on him was good … and it turns out it’s not good.”

McAdams said she hasn’t been the same since and she even filed a lawsuit against the doctor.

Because of her filing and the New York Times article, she’s learned she’s not the only one who’s had problems.

“That’s when I discovered that he had done probably many unnecessary procedures on my leg,” McAdams said.

Mustapha disagrees with the accusations and sent a statement to 6 News.

“I have very low complication rates in my practice,” Mustapha said. “I’m proud of the work that I do and what I have built. The vast majority of the patients we serve have had exceptional outcomes. We have improved the quality of life for thousands of patients. We have saved countless limbs — and lives.”

Meanwhile, McAdams is trying to get on the road to recovery.

“It’s been rough, it’s hard. I just went through surgery again to do a total bypass on my left leg to go around of the other — what I believe were mistakes — by Dr. Mustapha,” she said.

6 News also obtained documents from the Michigan Attorney General’s Office who brought action against the doctor. 

An expert was hired to review patient cases; they concluded his practice was “characterized by over-treatment and poor documentation.”

Mustapha agreed to pay $25,000 and take medical education courses.