LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – On November 8, voters will see three statewide proposals on the ballot.

Local attorney Bryan Waldman from the sinus Dramis law firm gives us his legal take on Prop. 1, which deals with legislative terms limits and financial disclosure laws.

“Proposal one does essentially two things. It affects the term limit laws in Michigan and financial disclosure laws in Michigan,” said Waldman. “With regard to term limits, currently in Michigan because of a constitutional amendment from a bailout initiative we had in 1992, the legislative representatives are term-limited out in the House. They can serve three, two-year terms. In the Senate they can serve two four-year terms

That means someone could run for both offices and serve potentially 14 years in the Michigan legislature.

“If ballot Proposal 1 passes this time, it’ll change those term limits to just say that there’s a total of 12 years that any person can serve in [both chambers,]” said Waldman.

To see his full breakdown, check out the video player above.