Michigan Attorney General, EGLE blast 3M attempt to ‘gut’ PFAS drinking water regulations

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UPDATE: (5/7/2021 5:38 p.m.) – 3M has released a statement in response to EGLE and Nessel’s press release.

Environmental regulations should be set using established processes and rigorous science that provide public transparency and accountability for regulators. In its rush to establish these regulations, the State of Michigan acted arbitrarily without measured consideration of the scientific evidence, nor serious consideration of the costs, particularly considering the speculative benefits of these regulations’ enforcement. This lawsuit aims to prevent these arbitrary, burdensome restrictions from being implemented unless regulators follow prescribed processes for rulemaking.

-Sean Lynch, Communications Strategist for 3M.

UPDATE: (5/7/2021 5:29 p.m.) – WLNS has reached out to 3M for comment. We will update this article if/when they respond.

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) director Lies Clark called out Minnesota-based 3M Corporation for their attempts to “invalidate FPAS drinking water standards” adopted by Michigan last year.

3M served EGLE a lawsuit earlier this week attempting to invalidate the standards Michigan has set for PFAS compunds in drinking water.

3M is one of America’s major PFAS manufacturers, and has profited from the sale of products containing PFAS and hid the negative effects of the chemical, the coalition said.

In the past, Nessel has sued 3M and other PFAS manufacturers on behalf of the State to recover cleanup costs.

“3M profited for years from its sale of PFAS products and concealed its evidence of adverse health impacts from state and federal regulators,” said Attorney General Nessel. 

“It is no coincidence that this out-of-state company is resorting to attempts to rewrite our state’s standards put in place to protect Michiganders from PFAS in their drinking water.  3M knows it is responsible to address contamination in Michigan and it has been unwilling to do so. Now, it wants to change the rules so that it can continue to shirk its responsibility to Michigan residents and to the health of the water resources that define our state.”  

The lawsuit filed by 3M attacks drinking water standards set by Michigan in August.

“Michigan’s rules providing for limits on PFAS in drinking water are a critical part of our State’s work to protect our residents from exposure to these contaminants,” said EGLE Director Liesl Clark in the press release.

“We take the job of protecting the public health seriously, and these rules are the product of rigorous scientific analysis, stakeholder input, public comment, and legislative review.  We are confident in the process and the science that supports these important health protections for Michiganders’ drinking water.” 

“My office is supporting EGLE 100 percent,” said Nessel. “We will work to get 3M’s irresponsible attack on Michigan’s drinking water rules thrown out of court. We will not tolerate these poisons in our environment and our drinking water, and we will not tolerate a corporation like 3M putting its dollars ahead of our health and our water.” 

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