Michigan Cities Rank Low For Cyclist Safety According to National Poll


Are cyclists safe in Michigan?

According to a new report by “Your Local Security” the answer is no.

The report looked at 790 major cities in the United States. Michigan cities ranked as follows.

Ann Arbor 481

Grand Rapids 533

Lansing 541

Detroit 746

Attorney Bryan Waldman has been an avid cyclist for over two decades and he says the report does not surprise him

“Michigan has historically been very slow at responding to the needs of cyclists, and very unsympathetic to the needs of cyclists.”

Henry Callender was five years old when he was struck by a car in the back of his head going 35mph. A helmet is the only thing that kept him alive.

Last year Michigan passed the “Safe Passing Law” which requires all motor vehicles to be at least three feet away from cyclists on the road. 

Waldman says that is not enough.

“I think the biggest change we can make in Michigan to make the roads safer for everyone, not just cyclists is to have some strict distracted driving laws.”

Currently, a ticketed distracted driver will pay a $100 fine and $200 for a repeat offense.
No points are added to their record. Walden says there are two proposals in the Michigan house that are geared towards strengthening distracted driving laws. But until then, Henry and his family have started “Team Henry” which awards people for wearing their helments. 

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