Michigan Civil Liberties Coalition: “Whitmer’s executive order is a restriction on free movement and assembly”


Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) — Governor Gretchen Whitmer has made almost 2-dozen executive orders in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus, but a local coalition is protesting some of those orders, calling them a violation of human rights.

“The right particularly that we are concerned with today is the right to peaceable assemble,” Scotty Boman, a participant in the Michigan Civil Liberties Coalition said.

Boman was one of a handful of protesters outside the Capitol Saturday afternoon. He said he agrees that people should be taking precautions to protect their health, but that it should be their personal choice.

“The law isn’t saying I have to wear personal protection gear. I’m wearing these things because it’s a personal precaution and if people choose not to gather in groups they’re doing it because it is a personal choice,” Boman said.

“If we surrender our freedom in even this time of fear and this time of great panic then we may save lives now, but we will be discounting the lives that were already sacrificed for that freedom,” Jeff Phillips, another protester said.

Phillips added that he didn’t have an issue with the Governor’s strong advisories, it’s the orders that he doesn’t agree with.

“We can’t have a one size fits all solution and when we see a one size fits all order that’s causing us to not be able to get essential services… that’s a real problem,” Phillips said.

Some argue that the governor had to put the orders in place because people weren’t following the advisories.

“There are gonna be people who are not gonna go along no matter what. My point is that it should still be a personal choice, however,” Boman said.

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