Michigan drivers prepare for pothole season


(WLNS) – With Spring finally making an appearance in Michigan, potholes are popping up everywhere on roads across the state.

The damage caused by potholes can go farther than what meets the eyes.

“The most obvious thing are tires and wheels get damaged. Some things that happen underneath the car, you don’t necessarily see,” Owner of Brogan’s Tire and Auto Service Jim Brogan said.

Alignment and steering components can also be damaged, but they can go unnoticed. The average driver with pothole damage spends hundreds of dollars on repairs.

Brogan’s best advice for drivers other than slowing down on the roads, is to prepare your tires for the impact.

“Full air pressure is easier to sustain those big impacts,” Brogan said.

The Road Commissions are starting to take steps to reduce the number of accidents caused by potholes already.

“We’ve got the coal patch that will fill those holes temporarily until you can get into the warmer months and do more permanent repair,” Clinton County Road Commission Managing Director Joe Pulver said.

Some people believe as much work is being done to reduce the number of potholes in the state, it is not enough.

“The budget that we need really, that we get from the state of Michigan, is not even close to what we need to maintain our roads in a manor in which we know we need to,” Director of Public Service Chad Gamble said.

The Lansing Officer with Public Service Chad Gamble says more than $150 million would be necessary to completely repair the roads in a state, which he says is worth it considering the Michigan Department of Transportation reports Drivers spend around $8 Million annually on pothole related repairs.

“The road maintenance really is a pay it now or pay it later scenario,” Gamble said.

The amount needed would be almost double what the state is currently providing for repairs.

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