Michigan electors facing pressure ahead of electoral college vote


Tomorrow more than 500-electors across the country will cast their votes on behalf of their states.And while the process appears clear-cut- could we be in for a surprise?“I’ve had people talk about putting a bullet in the back of my mouth, sending me pictures of noose’s saying that if I don’t do the right thing they’ll get me, talked about burning my family and myself, just generally very nasty messages,” says Michael Banerian, one of Michigan’s Electors.Banerian is among the 16 electoral college members from our state- who is set to make Donald Trump’s victory in Michigan official on Monday.They have a duty to vote for Trump, they are elected for the purpose of meeting the constitutional requirement of the electoral college that they meet on the 19th of December and provide votes for the candidate that won the office,” says Richard McLellan, election lawyer.In the November 8th election, Trump won the popular vote in our state by more than 10-thousand votes. Which means, according to the U.S. Constitution, those electors will represent Michigan voters and turn our state red when they vote at the state capitol tomorrow. However, according to McLellan, an election lawyer in Lansing, the results of this election have caused more controversy than ever before. “Myself and actually every other republican elector not just in Michigan but across the county has been inundated with thousands of emails, Facebook messages, tweets and letters to our homes, vie received almost 3,000 in the last three days alone,” says Banerian.Banerian says people have gone as far as issuing death threats against him, trying to convince him and many electors like himself–to change their mind and vote for Hillary Clinton.“All they are is they’re bullies so you can’t let them win, you can’t let them think that they have a way to affect you,” says Banerian.But McLellan says, in Michigan not voting for Trump– is not an option.“It’s not like they were elected to express their own views, they were elected to represent the voters who voted for Donald Trump,” says McLellan.And because electors like Michael Banerian have a duty to vote for trump, under Michigan law, if he–or other electors refuse to, tomorrow, they will be immediately replaced by someone who will.Michigan’s 16 electors will arrive at the State Capitol around 2pm to cast their votes tomorrow.Stay with 6 news we’ll continue to follow this story for you and keep you updated on what happens.

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