LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – President Joe Biden’s Thursday night speech from Philadelphia comes as several key elections are set for this November both here in Michigan and around the country.

One Michigan politics experts said it’s significant that the president would make this type of speech amid on going investigations from the January 6th Committee and the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago.

“President Biden has taken some criticism about doing some partisan action that has, you know, not necessarily brought the country together,” said University of Michigan Director of Debate Aaron Kall. “So with just over two months until the midterm elections, certainly something he wants to do.”

Kall said concern about democracy is one of the newest issues on voters’ minds as the November election quickly approaches. A CBS News poll shows that seven out of 10 Americans think democracy and the rule of law are under threat. Kall said earlier this year, gas prices and inflation were top issues.

“After the Dobs abortion decisions, obviously abortion, seeing the results of special elections, in the poll you eluded to show that these issues are in the forefront. And if they are, if they are in the forefront of voters’ minds during midterms then the Democrats are going to have a chance to potentially retraining the House and maybe even picking up a seat in the senate or two,” Kall said.

President Joe Biden in his prime-time speech mentioned a summer of legislative victories; touting new gun control measures, climate policies and efforts to curb health care costs. Kall said it was a reminder to voters ahead of the election.

“I think the team, given the recent legislative success and the potential for more in the coming weeks want to put him in front of the cameras to take credit for these things, showing he’s still very in charge of the country and the party,” Kall said.

As elections for both the governor’s office, Secretary of State and Attorney General heat up in Michigan, Kall said presidential popularity can matter for local candidates.

“Before his popularity was in the 30s, people were showing distance so I think we’ll see if we have candidates, especially Governor Whitmer be seen with president Biden, maybe have him in town campaigning could show that he’s becoming popular and beneficial in the election,” Kall said.

President Biden is already set to do some campaign for candidates in Pennsylvania in the next week. That state is also seeing several contentious races ahead of November.