LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) —  Scaly snakes, colorful bearded dragons, gooey worms and a few parrots were all on display at the Reptile Expo 2022.

The expo was organized by the Midwest Expos. They said that they’re all about educating others about different animals.

“People only fight for what they love and if they don’t understand animals like snakes then they’re not gonna love them and they’re not gonna wanna protect them in the future,” said Michigan Expo Public Relations Representative Natalie Boyer.

At the expo, people who own exotic animals had an opportunity to buy or sell their animals and the supplies needed to care for them.

Breeders like Sarah Mcdiarmid brought their reptiles to sell. She said she loves being a reptile keeper.

“It gives us a lot more joy in our life doing this and seeing kids and families get pets that they love and are healthy,” Mcdiarmid said.

Many families got the chance to not only look at the reptiles but pet them too.

Marci Pahl says she didn’t come for herself as much as she really came for her children.

“My boys are into frogs and snakes and bugs and everything else so I thought it would be fun. Me not so much. We’re just having fun. We’re just checking it out and my son is trying to convince me to buy a frog today,” Pahl said.

Organizers said they want people to know that there are a variety of non-traditional options for pets that they can add to their family.

“People who are allergic to cats and dogs but still want a pet. They think that all they can have is like a goldfish but there’s so many pets that they can have,” Boyer said.