Update (1:32 p.m.) – The Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives is speaking out against the people making threats directed at Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Republican Rep. Lee Chatfield said:

“I disagree with many of the governor’s decisions. I’ve been very open about that. I also support the right to protest. But as I’ve said before, those making physical threats (to both parties) are out of line and should be punished. It’s despicable. It’s wrong. It needs to stop.”

Speaker of the House Rep. Lee Chatfield

Republican Senate Majority leader Sen. Mike Shirkey took to social media to condemn the threats and those people who make them.

Original story: Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) — The Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox issued a statement regarding the recent threats of violence that have been made on social media against several Michigan public officials.

“Our nation works because Americans can come together and peacefully discuss our disagreements. While people have the right to protest and express their views, violence and intimidation have no place in the American system and the Michigan Republican Party condemns any individuals who are resorting to such tactics.”