LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – We’ve heard from Michigan regarding their thoughts on the 2023 State of The State Address. Now it’s time for other influential voices in Michigan politics.

National lawmakers, elected officials, and special interest groups all had a lot to say about Whitmer’s speech.

You can see their statements below.

“I applaud Governor Whitmer for her commitment to shepherding reasonable gun legislation into state law. These policies are proven to stem gun violence and prevent unnecessary firearm-related injuries and deaths. The public understands these common-sense policies are long overdue and will go a long way towards creating safer communities. I look forward to working with Governor Whitmer and the legislature to provide the Michigan Department of Attorney General and law enforcement agencies across the state with the ability to better protect all Michigan residents.”

Attorney General Dana Nessel

“At a time when many families are concerned about rising prices and making ends meet, let alone paying for their kids to go to college, Michigan College Access Network was encouraged to hear Gov. Whitmer’s plans to help relieve financial pressures on families and put more money back in their pockets.

Michigan College Access Network

“The Michigan Association of Health Plans looks forward to working with the Governor and the Legislature to advance high-quality, affordable, and equitable health care for the people of Michigan. Health care has been one of Michigan Legislature’s most prominently discussed, debated, and legislated public policy areas for several years now. MAHP represents the most unique and diverse set of healthcare stakeholders and prides itself on providing resourceful information to assist policy makers advancing the health care ideas raised by the Governor during the State of the State address.”

Michigan Associated of Health Plans

“Gov. Whitmer deserves our praise for her commitment to public education. The governor’s plan to deliver preschool for all Michigan families will help jumpstart education for the 110,000 4-year-olds across our state, helping to put them on a path to a brighter future. We are also glad to hear the governor will be boosting her MI Kids Back On Track plan to help improve education outcomes for all Michigan students, especially as we continue to deal with the lingering effects of the pandemic.

Michigan Alliance for School Opportunity

Tonight, Governor Whitmer used her State of the State address to outline her vision for Michigan’s future and for protecting Michigander’s personal freedoms. We thank the Governor for her ongoing support of expanding access to sexual and reproductive health care, including abortion, so that all Michiganders can get essential health care when and where they need it. Reproductive freedom is now permanently enshrined in our state constitution, but there’s still work to be done to break down remaining barriers to care and to remove unnecessary laws from our books. We are grateful to have the Governor’s ongoing support and partnership in this urgent work.

Planned Parenthood of Michigan

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