SHIAWASSEE COUNTY, Mich. – Word is buzzing around mid Michigan today because it was the final day of the Michigan Honey Festival.

Organizers said they had more than one thousand people this weekend at the event and that they are happy to see that people want to keep bees and the environment safe.

“You really have to care for the bees in order to get them to survive and continue producing and pollinating for us,” Mindy Brisbane, the president of the Michigan Honey Festival said.

Brisbane said this is the 10th year for the festival, but it was the first time the event was held at the Shiawassee County Fairgrounds.

“We love that we can grow here. Where we were previously, we were kind of stuck where we were,” Brisbane said.

She said this year they had more than 50 vendors selling honey, beeswax, beekeeping tools and more. The event also had an appearance from the American Honey Queen.

“It’s a true passion of mine and I hope to instill it in others,” Lucy Winn, the American Honey Queen said.

The Pennsylvania native said she has been beekeeping for 7 years, and now she gets to travel across the country and educate others on the importance of bees.

“A third of our diet depends on pollination and 80% of those pollinators from honey base,” Winn said.

She said Michigan ranks #8 in honey production and she is enjoying her time here in the mitten state.

One of the event sponsors meets here in mid Michigan at the Center of Michigan Beekeepers or COMB for short.

“It’s just a place for people to get together, learn about bees, share ideas, learn new stuff,” Debbie Foote, a member with the Center of Michigan Beekeepers, said.

Foote said for anyone looking to save the bees they need to stop using harmful chemicals.

“Stop spraying your lawn. Anything that ends ‘cide’, herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, is meant to kill,” Foote said.