LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Michigan DNR has issued an extreme fire danger warning for the whole state.

Here in mid-Michigan, several communities have issued burn bans

“It’s simple just don’t burn right now,” said Delhi Township Fire Chief Brian Ball.

Ball says there is a burn ban in effect there. Mason and Meridian Township have bans as well.

Chief Ball says dry conditions and the low humidity led to this extreme fire warning.

“What that does is makes the fire burn ten times as fast as what it would with the conditions we are facing. It makes it extremely dangerous for the firefighters they are out there in the heat battling a wildfire and with a fire that is burning very fast,” he said.

The U.S. federal government reports that 85% of all wildfires are caused by humans. Delhi is no different.

“Just recently in Edmonton over 300 acres started by a campfire. We had one yesterday again burn an acre, six cars and a camper all started by a campfire,” said Ball.

The chief says Delhi won’t be allowing any fires until the burn ban is lifted.

So what can people do to help?

“Taking away the brush that is sitting next to your house keeping your hedges trimmed just good landscaping and having a good water source nearby. Water hoses all around the house will help immensely,” he said.

The chief added that the best defense against a wildfire is a good offense.

“Have a plan for not just a fire inside your house but what happens if a wildfire encroaches your house do you have two ways out, do you have survival supplies in case you get stuck for an extended amount of time like a go bag.”

Before you have a campfire, or even use a grill, please check with your local fire departments to see if your city is currently under a burn ban.