LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan Rep. Jason Morgan is wanting to raise awareness on rare diseases that Michiganders live with.

With that desire to raise awareness, Morgan announced plans to create a Rare Disease Advisory Council.

The council’s creation in part comes from Morgan’s own experience with getting his muscular dystrophy diagnosis.

“It took two years to figure out that I had muscular dystrophy because the symptoms don’t always present in obvious ways. And so the idea is that this council can, better understand what the needs are,” Morgan said.

If passed, Morgan’s bill would create a group that would help people who are living life with unusual diseases, as well as help their families and their healthcare providers.

“[It will] make a more comprehensive list of what these diseases are in Michigan, and hopefully at some point help educate both providers, families policymakers at the state level and health care folks,” said Morgan.