LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Some 81 days after she took the oath of office, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the new Democratically controlled Legislature are close to fulfilling an election promise to reduce gun violence.

“I’m not talking about taking people’s guns away,” said Whitmer. “These are things that are proven to create a safer environment. That’s the kind of thing I’m interested in getting done.”

After the Michigan Senate finalized the package of bills, it was the House’s turn to consider the things the governor wants for gun safety in Michigan.

Mandatory safe storage of weapons in a home where a minor lives, beefed-up background checks before anyone can purchase a weapon and a red flag law giving the courts the power to confiscate weapons from someone who is unfit to own one.

The governor needed all 56 Democrats to say yes, as every Republican was prepared to vote no, some argue the state should enforce the laws it has on the books now.

“They [new laws] are not needed, and they are ineffective,” said Republican state Rep. Andrew Fink.

Hanging over this debate like a dark cloud for Democrats was the threat of recall from one pro-gun group.

Pollster Bernie Porn contends since a significant majority and broad spectrum of citizens favored these bills, the recall effort against the yes votes would likely fail.

“It’s not just voters, it’s Democrats, Republicans, independents, gun owners, CPL holders, as well as NRA members,” said Porn.

Final passage on all three measures is expected on Wednesday, barring everything falling apart at the 11th hour, and the governor hopes to see the proposals on her desk after a deeply divided Legislature finishes its work.