Michigan Marine Veterans react to Kabul airport attack.


“Just heartbroken you know. What else can you feel,” said Marine Veteran Bill Waterstreet.

Waterstreet knows the streets around this airport well, the Michigan grad and Marine spent years stationed here running convoys around Kabul.

“I used to drive in and out of that gate once or twice a week and to see a bunch of guys like me you know get killed trying to get people out in a place I was again and again and again. I was thinking about it a lot yesterday,” said Waterstreet.

He’s not alone. Others like Michael Marvin who enlisted the day after the attack on September 11th says what’s happening cuts deep.

“It’s disheartening when you see everything that is going on with the withdrawal and everything and the fact that we were, I thought we were making a difference.  I spoke with, and I remember interacting with people and they wanted us there. It was completely different than when we were in Iraq,” said Marine Veteran, Michael Marvin.

Laszlo Scalay was also a Marine and a contractor for the CIA. His biggest concern right now is for the people of Afghanistan, and for the brothers and sisters who served alongside him. That’s why he wants any veteran struggling to know that they are not alone.

“It’s not all lost yet. It hurts. I’m not going to lie it hurts bad but it’s not worth giving up because of some of them guys. That’s just letting those ignorant people win, said Marine Veteran, Laszlo Scalay.

Waterstreet says he doesn’t know if this will change how he feels about his time overseas, but he’s trying to remember the good they accomplished.

“Because that we were there, there’s been an entire generation of Afghans, especially young girls you know that have grown up being able to get an education and knowing what freedom is like and knowing what a western society can be like and that’s not nothing, you know there is value in that.”

All three men agree that despite what is happening, they will forever be proud to have served their county.

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