Michigan Mayor’s pledge to uphold Paris Agreement, East Lansing added to that list


They call themselves, the “U.S. Climate Mayor’s” and stand firm with the decision to fight climate change.

“It’s a strategic decision of ours, and we’re going to continue to follow it,” says East Lansing Mayor Mark Meadows.

Meadows is one of the most recent city leaders to vow to uphold the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Meadows says, the city has already taken several steps to go green, and this proves East Lansing is invested in renewable energy.

“The objectives of the Paris Accord are appropriate objectives for every community in the country, we’re just saying we’re going to continue to move in that direction,” says Meadows.

Meadows now joins more than two-hundred other Mayor’s from across the country, vowing to continue to cut greenhouse gas emissions despite the President’s decision to back out of the Paris Accord.

“The action that Trump took, was mostly symbolic,” says Director of Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University, Matt Grossmann.

Grossmann says, mayor’s have every right to keep things “clean” since climate change doesn’t live and die at the federal level. But he see’s this as more of a political move than anything.

“Here you’re seeing when we have a Republican President, you have Democratic local officials seeing that as an opportunity to distance themselves from the president and say we’re different,” says Grossmann.

But no matter what the reasoning behind it, the list of mayor’s is growing, and according to the city of Lansing, it will soon include Mayor Virg Bernero as well.

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