LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – As the government continues its efforts to deal with the formula shortage, moms across the nation have stepped up to help feed babies. That includes right here in mid-Michigan.

Moms are giving away breast milk they’ve collected for their babies and some are even nursing other babies. It’s all to support families who can’t get their hands on formula.

As families looking for formula are met with empty shelves moms like Katelyn Applin and Chelsea Phillips are among thousands of women who have decided to donate their breast milk to those who need it.

Katelyn Applin is the mom of 7-month-old Micah.

Applin says she’s pumped a lot of breast milk and couldn’t let it go to waste.

“I can’t imagine being in that spot and not knowing what you would even do. I didn’t wanna sit on it and feel like a hoarder almost of this breast milk when it could benefit so many other children,” Applin said.

For Chelsea Phillips, her journey as a mom has been challenging. Her son Milo was born prematurely last year at just 31 weeks. While Milo was in the NICU, Philips continued to pump and store milk for him.

“I pumped for him the entire time. He was there for 67 days. I stored up a lot of breast milk in my freezer,” Phillips said.

Philips said she’s given away more than 400 ounces of milk. Among those who received some is a friend of Philips, Alysia Beauchene.

“Not being able to feed your baby is one of the scariest things. We went to look and we could not find it anywhere including Amazon,” Beauchene said.

Beauchene said its been a big help to her baby, Lincoln, during a time when she didn’t know where his next meal was going to come from.

“She messaged me saying she had some extra breast milk. It’s working great and it’s so nice to have such good friends,” Beauchene said.

Applin says as a milk donor she’s giving what she can today to help create a better tomorrow.

“We just want to raise this next generation to be supportive, strong independent children and later adults who are gonna have that sense of community and that starts with us,” Applin said.