LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Ten days ahead of schedule, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has decided to eliminate all of the state’s remaining COVID restrictions not on July 1, but June 22. Reactions are pouring in from all over the state.

The COVID problem is not over in Michigan, but the governor’s safety protocols are over and bar owners and other businesses are pleased.

“We’re back and we’re ready to go,” said Scott Ellis of the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association.

The governor is lifting all restrictions based on the ever improving COVID data.

Instead of 7,000 cases a day, the number has dwindled into the hundreds. Instead of hundreds of deaths per day, the numbers declined for eight weeks into digit single figures.

The governor did not reach her goal of 70% of the population being vaccinated, but enough citizens did get the shots, which helped to propel the COVID data on its downward trend.

 So now what?

For bar and restaurants owners it will not be an overnight recovery by any means.

“It’s a long road back. we’re not going to snap back. its going to take awhile tp recoup a years worth of loses and to get back into the swing and get going, “said Ellis.

While Michigan businesses may be pleased with the governor’s decision,

Tori Sachs, the head of the Michigan Freedom Fund, funded by major GOP donors, dismisses the governor’s move as too little too late

“This is absolutely too little too late and it’s still too late. It’s not happening today. There’s no reason why the restrictions cant be lifted now,” she said.

“This whole thing has been political.”

The governor counters that her decisions were based on science. Progress Michigan, funded by Democrats could not appear on camera but stated, “We’re grateful for Governor Whitmer’s efforts throughout this crisis and we’re ready to help our state recover, even stronger than before.”

Circle June 22 on your calendar, COVID restrictions are gone, and the governors hopes for good.