LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The White House declared a new mix of drugs as an emerging threat.

Over the years, new drugs have been popping up on the streets.

Right now Xylazine is gaining traction and the effects are alarming.

Its actual purpose? An animal tranquilizer.

Veterinarians mainly use it on larger animals and mixing it with fentanyl is an even bigger risk. That is what the White House has deemed a threat.

Oakland County held a press conference Friday to discuss efforts to limit the availability of the drug.

“I have some draft legislation to make Xylazine a scheduled two narcotic I look very much forward to working with the sheriff as well as prosecutor McDonald, Michigan State Police and any and all law enforcement officers and organizations across the state to combat this epidemic,” said State Rep. Kelly Breen.

Right now, the drug is not a controlled substance and can be bought online.

Oakland County Sherriff Michael Bouchard says it’s not meant for humans and does not respond to Narcan.