Michigan re-count start date decision pending in Federal Court


A federal judge was called into work this morning to make a decision on when the recount should start.

This comes after green party candidate, Jill Stein, sued state election officials late Friday saying the re-count should start immediately and not be delayed.

State election officials say, a 2-day delay is required under state law.

Points that were argued in front of a federal judge in Detroit today.

The million dollar question tonight, is when Michigan will start its ballot recount.

Several state officials met for hours to come up with an answer.

“It was Monday, it was Wednesday, it was Tuesday, it’s a constant moving target that we’re just trying to figure out how best to accommodate,” says Barb Byrum, Ingham County Clerk.

When it comes to a ballot recount in Michigan, some could compare the process to a game of ping-pong.

And it’s going to come down to the law, versus length of time.

In Michigan, state officials cannot officially start counting until the middle of next week, but green party candidate, Jill Stein, who’s pushing for it says because of a hard deadline to get it done, waiting 2-more days, will only hurt the county clerks and taxpayers.

“One-hundred thousand ballots that have to be hand recounted, so I don’t know how long that will take, but im committed to working very hard to getting the job done,” says Byrum.

“This is outrageous, Michigan, taxpayers are going to be wasting their money on this frivolous, ridiculous, recount,” says Michigan Republican Party Chair, Ronna Romney McDaniel.

In a statement released today, Romney says, “The Michigan Republican Party will continue to fight on behalf of Michigan taxpayers to end this worthless recount, which will cost Michigan taxpayers millions.”

During an emergency meeting today, a federal judge spent hours listening to arguments from both sides.

While state officials wait for his decision, a separate one could come from the State Supreme Court this week, which could stop the recount all together.

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