Michigan recount will go forward and all votes to be counted by hand


A showdown over a recount in our state is in legal limbo as both sides battle it out, and election officials wait for what’s next.

According to reports, attorney’s for President-Elect, Donald Trump, are suing our state’s Board of Canvassers and the State Election Director, after they allowed a recount to move forward today.

Trump’s team is asking the state Supreme Court to take the case, and block the recount from happening.

This is just the latest development in an already murky situation for where the recount goes from here.

Earlier today, State Attorney General, Bill Schuette, filed a similar lawsuit to try and block the recount from happening.

That happened the same time the State Board of Canvassers met to decide if they would let the recount go forward.

As of right now, the recount in Michigan will take place, starting as early as Tuesday and all of the votes will be counted by hand.

During the meeting, the board heard from representatives, both for and against the recount.

However, when the final motion was made, the board members did not agree on a decision.

The vote was 2-2, right along party lines, two republicans and two democrats.

Meaning that county clerks across Michigan, will continue to prepare for a hand recount.

But before the decision was made, representatives from each campaign stated their opinions on the matter.

“The argument made here today by the objectors, that you have to have a close election, whatever that means, before a candidate is eligible to file a recount petition,” says Mark Brewer, representative for the Jill Stein campaign.

But there are two sides to this argument.

Representatives from the Trump Campaign claimed there is no evidence of voter fraud, or improper conduct.

And even though the recount will move forward, many still believe the opposite.

“Why should we cast dispersions upon our election machinery and the excellent reputation of the State of Michigan’s elections, based upon one sentence for a candidate that doesn’t have any skin in the game because she’s a fourth place finisher, it doesn’t make any sense,” says Gary Gorden, attorney for the Donald Trump campaign.

However, all of this could change.

Attorney General, Bill Schuette filled a lawsuit asking the Michigan Supreme Court to order the Board of Canvassers to reject Stein’s request for the state-wide recount.

Although Schuette filed the lawsuit this morning, there is still no word from the Michigan Supreme Court if they will step in.

So after all of the debate today, it now stands the recount will occur, but there are still ways the process could be stopped, before it ever begins.

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