LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Three proposed Senate bills were passed today by the Insurance, Finance and Consumer Protection Committee.

These bills would alter the current auto no-fault law. This summer, a Michigan Supreme Court ruling gave survivors of accidents before 2019 fully paid home care.

But these bills would allow all survivors of auto crashes to be fully reimbursed for that kind of care.

Diane Mills-Gutierrez is part of the group We Can’t Wait, which advocates for crash survivor’s rights to paid care.

Mills-Gutierrez was able to start receiving fully paid homecare this summer as her accident happened before 2019.

She says the ruling has really helped her quality of life, and she hopes everyone will once again be eligible for what she has.

“This would level the playing field for everyone. And we survivors from before the reform, we really feel a burden. But it’s also something we are very passionate about, wanting to make sure that the playing field is level, and everyone can get the care that they need,” Mills-Gutierrez said.

The bills will now head to the full senate for a vote.