EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — In the wake of violent acts on Michigan State’s campus this year, some families wonder how to best navigate the next few months without their kids at home.

MSU officials are reminding the community about the things that can help you always stay up to date.

The Safe MSU App and the MSU Alert System are giving parents peace of mind.

MSU officials recommend parents and students download the Safe MSU App on their phones.

“It’s going to be hard not to be checking different apps and seeing where she is — you know, make sure she’s in class. But at this point and time, we just have to trust her,” said Robert Panzik, a parent of a new MSU student.

With more than 8,000 first year and transfer students from the state enrolling at MSU, some parents find it harder than others — especially if they’re from out of state with students who plan on visiting only during school breaks.

Which is why officials suggest using tools like the Safe MSU App.

“We’re encouraging families and students to get the Safe MSU app because that’s really critically important for us. And that’s not only about their personal safety but the campus safety too,” said Vennie Gore, Senior Vice President for Student Life and Engagement.

The Department of MSU Police and Public Safety agrees and says messages that go out through the app are just one way parents can have a sense of ease.

“Our alerts are primarily responsible for timely warnings and emergency notifications, so if there’s something maybe concerning that’s happening on campus that we want to tell our community about, or if there’s an emergency, that’s the primary way we could contact our community,” said Dana Whyte, spokesperson for MSU Police and Public Safety.

The Safe MSU App has access to a virtual friend-walk feature, tips to report a crime, safe rides from the group ASMSU, and more.

“We understand that it may make parents uneasy leaving their kids for the very first time here at MSU. But we want to ensure our parents and our community that we as a police and public safety department are here to keep our community safe,” Whyte said.