Michigan Supreme Court talks guns in schools: should schools adopt their own restrictions on guns?


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – While there were two separate cases heard in the Michigan Supreme Court on Wednesday, the goals behind each were similar.

Both Ann Arbor Public Schools and the Clio School District want authority to ban guns from school property, but others are in opposition.

“A lot of people are trying to frame this issue as well ‘open carry’ what’s going to happen, this new untested thing, what’s going to happen? This isn’t new, it’s not untested, it’s been happening for years and years and years and I don’t know a single open carrier that has ever caused a problem in a school,” said Tom Lambert; President of Michigan Open Carry Inc.

“We know that the presence of a gun in school, carried by anyone other than a sworn officer of the law is a disruption, it is dangerous, it is risky and is counterproductive to everything that we’re wired to do,” Jeanice Swift stated; Superintendent of Ann Arbor Public Schools.

These were just two of the arguments laid out in court on Wednesday all relating to the regulation of firearms.

Both school districts say it should be up to them to restrict people from bringing a gun onto school grounds, but here’s the catch…Michigan law states those with a concealed pistol license are allowed to be on school property and that’s the debate.

“If we look at all across the nation throughout our history…who has been the problem? It’s not the open carriers, it’s the people who are illegally concealing in their schools,” said Lambert.

The argument is this…schools must follow state law and should be prohibited from implementing their own gun regulations, but on the flip-side, school districts say by pushing for a “weapon-free school zone,” it will take the safety measures of their students one step further.

“Protection means that we have a secure perimeter around the school and that we know that guns and weapons are not entering the front door or any door of that school,” Swift stated.

Both sides say safety of students is top priority.

Those in support of “open carry” say in a dangerous situation, it’s crucial to have a weapon available, but schools in this debate feel firearms are unsafe on school grounds.

No decision was made on Wednesday but stay with 6 News. We’ll keep you updated you when a ruling is handed down.

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