LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Hundreds of survivors of gun violence, sexual assault, domestic violence and other crimes gathered on the Capitol steps on Thursday for the Michigan Survivors Speak Rally.

Advocates, joined by state leaders and victims’ families, demanded that state legislators prioritize trauma recovery services, public safety solutions and increased victim support.

Many people at the rally, organized by Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, supported the Safer Michigan Act, which increases how much time crime victims have to apply for assistance, as well as promoting rehabilitation in order to reduce recidivism.

A report by the Alliance for Safety and Justice in support of the Safer Michigan Act argues that Michigan’s $2 billion prison budget doesn’t do enough to reduce recidivism.

Crime survivors at Thursday’s rally said they want more housing and employment protections; support of productivity credits to be awarded to incarcerated people who complete an educational or vocation program, and increased availability to rehabilitation programs for the incarcerated.

Democratic State Rep. Tyrone Carter spoke in support of the Safer Michigan Act.

“As survivors, you’ve called [for] policies and tackled the root cause of crime, and aimed to reduce the chances that someone will return to prison after release,” Rep. Carter said at the rally.