(WLNS) –  The Disabled American Veterans named Bob Body as the National Disabled Veteran of the year at this years conference for his service, and fast rehabilitation after his leg was amputated.

Despite difficulties since he was a child, Body and his wife Terri, don’t take life too seriously.

The Army Specialist says everyone faces trials, but the outcome all depends on how you react to them.

“There’s always going to be adversity, but if you don’t have perseverance, you’re never going to overcome the adversity,” Body said.

Body has faced loss in more ways than one, but joining the military meant he could be the one who stood up for those who can’t.

“I may fail 100 veterans, but if I can just reach that one veteran and make a difference in that one veterans life, then that’s my goal, I completed my mission,” Body said

While on his way to a mission, an explosion crushing his left side led to an amputation, but just like the other trials in his life, it didn’t stop him.

“Run when you can, walk when you have to and crawl if you must, just never give up,” Body said.

Recovery normally takes 3 to 5 months, for Body it was only 7 weeks. Just one reason why he was selected from more than 1 million veterans for an honor that didn’t surprise his number one fan.

“His drive to keep going, the fact that he doesn’t let anything stop him,” Terri Body said.

While at the convention, Body met a 71-year-old Vietnam vet who gave him an even greater honor than receiving the award.

“He says, in my life I never had a hero until I saw your video and listened to your speech,” Body said.

The man was just one of many veterans and lives Body has touched because of his service and speech at the convention.

The Army Specialist has continued to give back, currently by studying Sociology at LCC in order to help fellow Veterans with PTSD.

He also took on weight lifting after the amputation, and has since won the National tournament and placed in multiple World Championships, against non-disabled competitors.