ITHACA, Mich. (WLNS) – Step inside the home of Ceo Bauer and he’ll tell you story after story from the most significant chapter in his life.

“I was drafted in January of 1943.”

At 19 years old he was sent overseas to fight, including in France. It’s there where the rifleman was tasked with taking down enemy strong points, often at night.

“To attack through a mind field and attack an area we hadn’t really been we’d just been in the area,” said Bauer.

In low visibility, he says one attack, in particular, left him alone and injured in a shell hole.

“I was actually carrying a bazooka and considered leaving it there you know in order to get out but finally when I got out, I was all alone, and I moved forward to catch up with the attack and wound up being the first man through the defensive wire.”

Bauer later learned he and his men were being used for a diversionary attack to confuse the enemy. He earned several awards including a purple heart and bronze star. Today he says looking at pictures of the men he fought with reminds him of the sacrifices made by so many.

“The picture here I might be the last one living.”

Now dozens of red books fill his home. Each one is a diary that he’s written from every day of his life since he returned home, and this Sunday on his one-hundredth birthday he’ll add some advice for the younger generations.

“Just keep moving. Do something positive every day.”

Bauer says he doesn’t know how much time he’s got left, but at this moment, telling his story he feels the most proud.

“Maybe right now. When I get to put out my message.”