CORRECTION: Lansing police have not confirmed what the white substance is that the officers were exposed to. We apologize for the error.

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Two officers with the Lansing Police Department were taken to the hospital early Sunday morning after exposure to an unknown white substance.

According to the Lansing Police Department’s Public Information Director Jordan Gulkis, the officers were given NARCAN.

The first officer was transporting a person on a warrant. During a search, officers found a white substance hidden on the individual.

After the officer took the substance into his car, he started to feel the symptoms of an overdose. Officials with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office gave the officer two doses of NARCAN and was subsequently taken to the hospital.

The second officer was searching the accused’s backpack with gloves and goggles.

Later on, the officer was driving and reported that she was not feeling well. The officer pulled over and was also given NARCAN and taken to the hospital.

All of the cars involved were towed as a bio-hazard.

“This shows the risk all officers take every day on the job,” Gulkis said in a statement.